Clubhouses: Entertainment Just for Kids

Whether they are small or big, clubhouses for kids are always a source of entertainment. The primary target audience of these clubs is children who are always looking for ways to have fun enjoy their life to the fullest, as well as parents who can rely on the teams of leaders of large establishments. With Atlantis the Palm deal, you can make your kids enjoy unlimited fun activities and spend their time in a way like never before. With amazing discount offers and high quality and exiting activities, the clubhouse for kids is certainly the best place to visit this weekend.

To Spend Their Energy and Make New Friendships

Clubhouses are more like a fun area having a recreational atmosphere. Your kid will enjoy a painting workshop for young girls, over there the little ones sing in farandole around the mascot, in the distance cries resound from the volleyball court where a tournament between teenagers takes place. From sunrise to sunset, the animations punctuate the club life. Whether natural, educational, fun or festive, they will be enjoying all day long. Alongside fun activities, children will also be interacting with other kids and socializing at their level. They will be making new friends and will make full use of their energy. When you visit a kids club with Atlantis the Palm deals, you will definitely get an experience where your kids will be wanting to go again and again and you will have some time to take a break.

Activities to Look For In Kids Club House

Treasure Hunt

This is the best game that kids enjoy at the club house. With the huge area of the club, treasure hunt becomes really exciting. Kids enjoy looking for clues from one place to another and get treasures at the end as their prize.


Young girls who love to get ready and all dolled up, there are make up sessions where girls can do anything they want. There are also trainers and helpers which will help the young ladies to get an instant makeover.

Magic Show

Magic show is the favorite of all kids or any age. Magicians are trained to involved kids in their acts which mean they get to explore an experience real-time magic. With Atlantis the Palm deal, you will get many attractions in clubhouses at great prices.


This is the place where you can paint your heart out. From amazing artworks to small activities, there is a lot to offer in this activity segment. Kids can also paint on different objects and create artwork which they can take away as well as souvenir.

Mini Disco

For those party lads out there, this is the ultimate place to land on in a clubhouse. With music and lights, there is no element missing here. Atlantis the Palm deal is great in offering exciting elements for kids when they plan to visit a clubhouse.

Indoor Games

If your kids love to play games, there are some great activities like gymnastics, ice-skating, tennis and many other games to enjoy the day.