Winter Essentials for Travel

Taking to the ski slopes in winter is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re an avid ski and snowboard enthusiast, winter is probably your favourite season of the year. Travelling to a ski resort in Europe is exciting, but when you see your empty travel bag that you need to fill with clothes, you become anxious.

Packing all the clothes you’ll need for a winter adventure is trickier than for summer, right? Not really. If you keep it simple, you’ll even have space in your bag once you’ve finished packing.

There’s no such thing as terrible weather, only bad clothing choices. We agree with that. Having the right base layers and sensible outer layers, you’ll be able to enjoy even the coldest weather.  Dive into I Saw It First reviews for shopping tips for this winter season. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable travel agent will also make your winter planning that much easier, and they might even find you a resort that offers ski equipment and clothing rentals. Read travel agencies reviews here to take that first step.

What are the essentials you’ll need? Create a list of your winter clothing and activities, and create an “essentials” column. That column should include items such as coats, sweaters, boots, jerseys, pants, scarves, gloves, and boots. The key is to list only items of clothing that could be multipurpose in that they could be mixed and matched with other items to make a fresh outfit. That way you’ll be saving space in your baggage for other items.

Essential Winter Travel Must-Haves:

1) Fitted Sweater/Fleece:

For fitted sweaters, cashmere and cotton sweaters are amongst the warmest fabrics. They will not only keep you warm, but will also add a touch of style to any outfit. If you decide on taking a fleece, a zip-through item is the most popular style. They’re warm, comfortable, and great looking no matter the setting.

2) Long-Sleeved Tops:

Long-sleeved tops serve as a base layer under your fleece or sweater. By building outfits, with a base, mid-layer and outer layer in mind, you’ll always be comfortable on the mountains and travelling in winter. The base layer is your first measure against the elements. It will keep you toasty warm and if you are seated indoors, and it is warm enough to remove your coat or jacket and sweater, you’ll still have a functional and stylish layer on.

3) Pants:

Most often overlooked, jeans and leggings are comfortable for winter travel. If you’re spending time on a ski slope, we’d strongly recommend packing in ski pants or hiring one for the day. Jeans and leggings might keep you comfortable in Winter, but the colder air and moisture you’ll find on ski slopes will not dry to leave you feeling cold and miserable.

4) Jacket:

Down jackets offer the most warmth in winter. Down jackets aren’t cheap; the good news is that they last for many seasons. Get the best one at your budget, as these are so very versatile. Down jackets take up a lot of space when folded in your luggage, but keep that separate so you can carry it through the airport and stow with your carry-on luggage.

5) Gloves and Scarf:

Don’t forget to pack in warm gloves and a scarf. While these are small, they’ll fold up nicely in your luggage. When the wind blows, you’ll be thankful you packed them in.

6) Boots:

Sneakers are comfortable. However, for winter travel, a pair of boots are unbeatable for warmth. For colder climates, make sure your boots are water-resistant. You don’t need to buy a ski boot, but even a pair of leather boots will make a great deal of difference to your comfort in winter while travelling. They can also form a staple item for your different outfits.