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Winter Essentials for Travel

Taking to the ski slopes in winter is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re an avid ski and snowboard enthusiast, winter is probably your favourite season of the year. Travelling to a ski resort in Europe is exciting, but when you see your empty travel bag that you need to fill with clothes, you become anxious.

Packing all the clothes you’ll need for a winter adventure is trickier than for summer, right? Not really. If you keep it simple, you’ll even have space in your bag once you’ve finished packing.

There’s no such thing as terrible weather, only bad clothing choices. We agree with that. Having the right base layers and sensible outer layers, you’ll be able to enjoy even the coldest weather.  Dive into I Saw It First reviews for shopping tips for this winter season. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable travel agent …