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Tim Russell

May 1, 2012N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Wades into Scott Walker's Growing John Doe Corruption Scandal
April 13, 2012BREAKING: New Information Answers John Doe Question; Reveals Scott Walker Was Solely Responsible for Hire of Figures Charged In Corruption Probe
March 20, 2012Walker not saying whether he met with DA in John Doe probe
March 10, 2012Walker sets up legal defense fund, now apparent target of investigation
March 9, 2012Walker sets up legal defense fund for John Doe probe
February 26, 2012Walker not playing the best defense
February 24, 2012Former Walker aide pleads not guilty to embezzlement charges
February 24, 2012Former Walker staffer expected in court today
February 15, 2012Gov. Scott Walker's corruption scandal brings shame to Wisconsin
February 4, 2012Other view: Caucus scandal part 2?
January 31, 2012John Doe Threatens Walker
January 31, 2012Former top Walker aide Russell had previously been fired for 'gross misconduct'
January 30, 2012Editorial: Indictments raise questions of Walker's management skills
January 26, 2012Just the facts: Tim Russell
January 23, 2012Former Walker aide will stand trial
January 6, 2012John Doe investigation continues amid new felony charges for Walker staffers
January 6, 2012New Charges Stir Wisconsin Political Waters
January 5, 20122 with ties to Walker charged Ex-aide and appointee accused of embezzling from veterans groups
January 5, 2012Former aide to Wisconsin governor charged with fraud
January 5, 2012Wisconsin: Ex-Aides of Walker Accused of Embezzling
August 23, 2010Authorities seize computer of Walker aide