5 Tips for Choosing an Eco-Friendly Hotel

Everyone is in the collective business of promoting the go green movement across the globe and in turn, saving our environment from the climate crisis.

The opinion of users of UK.collected.reviews is that we can practice sustainable living and contribute to it regardless of location. It doesn’t matter if we are in our homes or we are travelling, we can promote sustainability from anywhere.

There are various measures we can put into action that support the go green movement. This list of energy companies highlights the benefits of renewable energy. Also, for travellers looking to foster the “go green” movement, it’s important to checkmate the places we engage with while travelling, like the hotels we stay in.

Find out the various policies the management has put in place to encourage sustainable living. Some of the tips to consider when choosing eco-friendly hotels include:

1.      Check Their Certification:

With green tourism growing exponentially, many hotels and lodges now claim to offer eco-friendly services. It’s not enough for them to say it, they have to show certification that they have been proven to be one of the best hospitality businesses that offer eco-friendly services like offering accommodations that reduce customer’s carbon footprint that has less impact on the environment, uses organic cleaning products and serves organic foods etc. You can check for these certifications in places like Green Globe, Green Check etc.

2.      Use Hotels with Eco-Friendly Appliances:

Stay only at hotels that use eco-friendly appliances. Some of these certified hotels use systems like rainwater harvesters, low water laundry machines, etc. These systems are eco-friendly.

3.      Make Sure they use Eco-Friendly Energy Suppliers:

Make sure that your hotel uses light bulbs and energy generators that are eco-friendly. Maximize on hotels that utilize natural lighting in main areas. Some of these hotels use electricity that is controlled by key-cards and motion sensors. This device switches off lights when they are not in use.

4.      Take Note of the Hotel’s Sustainability Measures:

Many hotels simply state on their websites about the sustainability measures they practice but it often ends in the management of their establishment. Focusing only on internal affairs isn’t enough to consider a hotel green. Check out what the hotel does to ensure the sustainability of the community it is within. This part is most important when the hotel is located around natural reserve areas. What does it do to impact positive living among natural habitats around it? Is it active or passive? Does their sustainability practice end within the establishment while they contribute to the degrading of the natural habitats around them?

5.      Find out their Recycling Plan:

Aside from practising some of the sustainable measures, does the eco-hotel have an active recycling plan? Recycling is one of the basic ways to practise sustainability anywhere.

Sustainable practice doesn’t end when we leave our homes. We can implement them even while travelling and holding our eco-hotels and lodges accountable in this way also encourages them to contribute towards the greater social benefit.