4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

Enjoying a moment of togetherness in a beautiful place with family is surely fun. Unfortunately, the house you left on holidays often becomes the target for burglars. Do not let this disrupt your travel plans that you have been prepared long before then.

Here are four tips for keeping your home safe when traveling.

Make sure all accesses to the house are locked

Make sure all accesses to the home, such as doors and windows, are entirely closed and secured correctly. If you lose your house keys on vacation, don’t worry, you can leave your problems to Stronghold Locksmiths. They can help you to recover lost keys and replace them with new ones.

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Don’t Announce Your Departure

Enjoying quality time through holidays with family must be very pleasant. But don’t let your excitement turn into a disaster.

Do not post your departure plans on social media, especially tickets containing the date of departure and the time of your return. We recommend you post photos of your vacation after you return from vacation, so it does not provide an opportunity for thieves to come to your house.

Make the House Look Inhabited

Houses that look empty will certainly invite thieves, especially during the holidays. Therefore, before leaving home, you should install a timer on the house lights.

With a timer, you can turn the lights on at night and off in the morning. If you don’t have a timer, you can set up one or two lights on all day while you are on vacation, so the house will always look bright.

Another solution is to ask your trusted neighbor to turn on and turn off the lights on the switch. You can also park the car in front of the entrance, giving the impression that someone is inside the house.

Don’t Let Any Shipments Piled Up In Front Of The House

Houses that are empty for long periods, usually, have several letters or package packages piled up in front of the door.

For that, you can ask for help from your neighbors or people you can trust to get the letters and packages until you return from vacation.