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BREAKING: WisDems Research Contradicts Scott Walker Bid-Rigging Evasions

In the face of bombshell revelations in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today raising questions about Scott Walker's role in a bid-rigging scheme, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Tuesday released internal county documents directly contradicting Walker's explanation of his role in the scandal.

Internal documents released today show that:

  • Hiller’s questionable involvement seems to have played a key role in the controversial and troubling bidding process.
  • Another property was actually the original low bidder in the process until the Walker administration took the questionable action of doing a “best and final” offer, as requested by Hiller.
  • Regardless of the outcome of the bidding process, or what potentially incriminating evidence was discussed between Walker and Hiller in their email exchanged seized by prosecutors, County documents reveal conclusively that Hiller corrupted the bidding process, and that he traded on his close, personal relationship with Scott Walker to do so.

In January 2012, it was reported that John Hiller lobbied on behalf of his clients, The Boerke Group, for the county opportunity in 2005, including conversations with top Walker administration officials and requests of the County Board for a “best and final” round of re-bidding.

Walker, who has previously and untruthfully said he cannot comment on the ongoing John Doe corruption probe, nevertheless released a statement suggesting the propriety of a process in which his campaign treasurer and longtime confidante John Hiller sought and received special treatment in a real estate bid.

"The county, under my administration, opted not to take any of the bids that were offered and instead consolidated space at county facilities and saved the taxpayers money," Walker said. "That is a true and factual statement that goes beyond what was being reviewed."

"Only Scott Walker knows what he has told prosecutors about his role in potential bid-rigging," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. "The new information released today directly contradicts the version of events that Scott Walker would have us believe and adds to the urgency of the call that Scott Walker release his secret emails."