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Hard to believe Walker didn't know

However, Gov. Scott Walker has managed to tip toe around the scandals and claim ignorance to the activities that took place just down the hall from his office door. The accusations of illegal activities performed by Walker’s associates range from embezzlement to child enticement.

Tim Russell, Walker’s former deputy chief of staff, has been charged with several felonies relating to campaign and charity embezzlement. Another associate of the governor, Bill Gardner, has been convicted of two felonies for unlawful campaign contributions and was fined for a campaign finance violation.

The media has not done an adequate job of covering this issue and digging into what is turning out to be a huge scandal and lack of transparency by the Walker administration. The use of a secret email network has been looked into, with the assumption that it was set up to conduct activity undetected.

Walker has claimed to have no knowledge of any of the activities brought forward in the last several months, but that is hard to believe. These illegal activities happened in his administration, in the same building, on the same floor, just feet away from him.

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