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Walker not playing the best defense

Gov. Scott Walker has spin issues.

Almost certain to face a contentious recall election this summer, Walker must figure out the best way to respond to an unprecedented investigation into the workings of Milwaukee County government when he oversaw it.

The investigation has already led to a conviction of one aide and charges against three others - with more on the way.

So what does the media-savvy governor do?

Specifically, does he talk publicly about the investigation? Does he or someone close to him launch an attack on the Democratic prosecutor? Does the governor cooperate with the probe? Does he throw his former aides under the bus?

No Quarter asked four public relations officials - two Democrats and two Republicans - to discuss Walker's handling of the secret criminal investigation.

Most see a lot of room for improvement.

"He's been very inconsistent with his narrative," said Scott Becher, a Madison-based Republican public relations consultant. "The narrative keeps changing."

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