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Interest in John Doe Probe Trumps Walker Jobs Announcement

Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign announced late Friday that he would meet with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office. It has been investigating alleged illegal campaign activity by workers who served Walker while he was Milwaukee County executive.

Two former aides have been charged. Two other associates stand accused of embezzling money from a veterans fund.

Former Kenosha County District Attorney Robert Jambois says it’s hard to predict where the investigation is headed or when it will conclude.

“I don’t think I would have any kind of a sense as to whether they’re getting to an end, to the culmination of this John Doe investigation or not. Ordinarily what you read or see in the newspaper it’s like an iceberg, it’s like the tip of an iceberg. The rest of it’s all concealed beneath the water. You don’t know what’s coming next,” Jambois says.

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