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Just the facts: Tim Russell

Mr. Russell, Scott Walker's former Deputy Chief of Staff and close political ally, faces several serious felony and misdemeanor for embezzling funds from various campaigns and from a charity that helps military veterans and their families.

Evidence brought forth by the District Attorney shows that Scott Walker inexplicably ordered the transfer of control from the American Legion, a nationally recognized veterans organization, to his good buddy who had no experience running a non-profit.

It was this action by Scott Walker that allowed Mr. Russell to steal thousands of dollars from wounded veterans and families of military servicemembers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The criminal complaint alleges that Tim Russell transferred more than $20,000 intended for veterans into his personal account and used the money to pay for Caribbean and Hawaiian vacations and a political trip to Atlanta to meet with Herman Cain's presidential campaign.

In addition to the embezzlement charges, statements in various criminal complaints related to the criminal investigation into Scott Walker's administration allege that Mr. Russell set up the secret email network that allowed government staffers to illegally campaign while supposedly on the clock for taxpayers.

Read the official criminal complaint.