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Just the facts: Brian Pierick

Mr. Pierick is the partner of Mr. Russell. At various times both Mr. Pierick and Mr. Russell have been the operator of Scott Walker's campaign website,

When the District Attorney seized Mr. Russell's work and home computer as part of the investigation into Mr. Russell's embezzlement of funds from a charity for military veterans and their families, prosecutors discovered what appeared to be child pornography and sexually explicit online chats with a minor.

The evidence discovered by the District Attorney's office led to charges that Mr. Pierick allegedly attempted to entice a minor into exposing a sex organ and that he attempted to cause a child who had not attained the age of 18 years, to go into a vehicle.

Shockingly, Scott Walker didn't seem horrified and he didn't think it was necessary to apologize to alleged victims. Instead, Scott Walker held a campaign press conference from Washington, D.C., where he shamefully attempted to shield himself from criticism and responsibility.

Warning: The linked document contains graphic sexual content: click here to read the official criminal complaint against Brian Pierick, the former operator of